Sunday, November 30, 2008

What is Class?

We have heard them all and many more. As players, coaches, parents and fans, we all need to address how we react to sports.
* Being a positive role model and example to others as an athlete, coach, fan or parent.
* Accepting the responsibility of passing on to others the "Right Way" to represent yourself.
* Remembering and honoring all those who showed you the way.
* Defeating an inferior opponent without embarassing him/her. Understand that th effort they took to lose may have been as much as you took to win.
* Accepting that sometimes your opponent will play better than you. Never accept losing, but accept losing with dignity.
* Telling an Opponent "Nice Job, Great Game. You played well." and mean it.
* Winning with humility while maintaining your dignity in defeat.
* Being courteous to all players-opponents-fans- parents.
* Treating all members of your team with respect and how you would want them to treat you. Everyone on the team is as important as you are...otherwise there is no team.
* Never quitting. Never quitting. Never quitting.
* Respecting your opponents by being prepared. Anyone can win on any given day if you don't prepare to play the game the way it's meant to be played...100%
* Thinking before you say something "stupid". Don't react...Think first.
* Your appearance - How you dress and how you react. Look good, Play good!
So in essence we all can have class if we want to...
Win with class
Lose with class
"Class" should be the main lesson a coach and parent should be teaching and demonstrateing to the players, not just winning.

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