Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coaches Check List

Coaches Check List

Bunting… Basic “0”(3 man coverage)
“1” First Base stays
“3” Third Base stays
“2” Special Play
FIST Wheel Play
Runner on 1st Runner on 2nd
Runner on 3rd Runners on 1st & 2nd
Bunt for a hit Runners on 1st & 3rd

First & Third… Basic “0” (2B comes in)
#’s Cover bases
Early Steal Delayed Steal
Forced Pickoff Double Steal
Regular Steal Fake Fall at First

Cuts & Relays… Single and Double Cuts
Nobody on Runners on

Double Plays…
Second to first Third to first
Home to first First to second to first

PFP…Pitcher Fielding Practice
Covering first Covering home
DP...Comebackers Backing up bases

Infield Positioning…Coaches hand positions
Pulled in ½ Way
In/Back Regular/Back
Last out at the plate

Field Adjustments…
Finding the fence Warning track
Foul play area Backstop distance

Stealing From the field
Pickoffs Rundowns
Coaches Check list


Sacrifice Squeeze
For a Hit On your own
Double Squeeze Runners responsibilities
Fake & Slap

Hit & Run…
Hitter Runner

One Way Two Way
Stealing Safe
On Your Own Jumps
Steps Pitch shuffle
Dive Back

Early Delayed
Straight Double Steal

1st & 3rd…
Early Delayed
Double Forced Pickoff
Fake Fall Wheel
Run down

Which foot When to go

Coaches hand signals Signs
Bench signs Player signs (Choke)
Pitch calls

Individual Checklists…

Signs Stance Pickoffs
Bunts Foul Balls Pop Ups Pop Ups
Tagging Play at the Plate Dropped 3rd Strike
DP – 4 to 1 Covering third on Bunt

Covering first DP Comebacker DP 4-1
Bunts (1,3,0) Pass Ball coverage Pop Ups

Ball in Dirt Ball on the line Pickoffs
P Cover 1st Holding runner on Tagging
Slow rollers Ball decision between 2B & 1B & P

DP 1B/2B inbetweeners Covering First on a bunt
Pickoffs Pop Ups Relays
Backing up P Backing up 1B Tagging
Slow rollers

DP SS/3B inbetweeners Covering 2B on a bunt
Pickoffs Pop Ups Relays
Backing up P Tagging Slow rollers

DP 3B/SS inbetweeners Covering 3B on a bunt
Pickoffs Pop Ups Relays
Backing up P Tagging Bunts
Slow rollers

Fly Balls…all sides/ways
Ground Balls…all sides/ways
Sun Balls Cutoffs Do or Die
Line Drives Runner on ? No Runners
Double Cut Stopped ball Backing Up
Slow Rollers OF Rules Wrong Turn
Gap Ball No Play

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