Friday, November 14, 2008

Players rules and expectations


These are rules and expectations you must follow to be a part of this TEAM.

1. Sprint to and from all positions/drills. Never get out hustled!
2. Never wear your hat backwards.
3. Never wear jewelry at practices/games.
4. Long sleeves are worn until Coaches tell you different.
5. Pitchers must have a jacket at practices/games.
6. Run past first base on “ANY” and “ALL” hit balls.
7. Wear gym shoes to and from practice and game areas. Players need a bag to
keep spikes, glove, batting gloves, and personal equipment in.
8. Infielders, outfielders, and pitchers must warm up between innings. If you can
not warm up a substitute will be provided. We will warm up second baseman
and closest outfielder between innings. On our side of the field.
9. Backup (bullpen) catcher must always have 2 good game balls, shin guards on
and his glove/mask ready at all times.
10. Runners on base or at bat should never have to go in dugout to get glove and
hat after the last out is made.
11. Wear team hat to all practices and games.
12. Obey and maintain the ATHLETIC CODE.
13. No horseplay in school halls, locker rooms, and during warm-ups.
14. Never throw bats or any equipment.
15. Stay in the dugout...DO NOT talk to fans or parents during the games.
16. One person (Varsity field) must be a personal protector for the pitcher
warming up on sidelines during the game when at a field that this area is in play.
17. Hair must be trimmed up to a respectful playing length. Facial hair is
18. Respect each other’s equipment.
19. Everyone not in the game will chase foul balls. (except Bullpen catcher)
20. Pick up all equipment...Helmets, bats, balls every 1/2 inning, Put all balls in
the ball bucket at all times.
21. Yes sir, No sir, No questions asked attitude when being corrected by coaches.
22. You must notify your coach if absent or missing practice or game. Do not tell a
teammate. Call the school or the A.D.’s office and leave a message if you can
not get the coach.
23. Throw the ball lively and with a purpose after an out. On a strikeout we will
throw to first base.
24. All players help carry equipment in and out. No special treatment for Seniors.
25. Never play catch (pre-game warm-up) on any teams infield.
26. MAINTAIN a high standard of excellence on and off the field.
27. Take care and have pride in our program, equipment, field, and your coaches.
28. Establish our program as one of the best in the Community, Area, and State.
29. Warm-up correctly; jog, agility, stretches and throw proper and with a purpose.
30. The bench...stay in the game mentally and in-between innings.
31. Be Coachable.
32. Run every sprint hard and from a base stealing start.
33. Going to games...Get ready mentally.
34. Be early...Help set up equipment.
35. Make ONLY positive comments about and to each other.
36. No skipping classes/school at anytime. Senior Ditch Day is not for us.
37. Grades must be a #1 priority. Keep good grades by having good work habits.
38. No alcohol...No tobacco...No drugs of any form will be permitted.
39. You represent the school, the community, the student body, the DGS staff, and
the Athletic program at South High. Do it proudly and wisely.
40. The uniforms are not permitted to be worn outside the school. No one not on
the team will be allowed to wear any part of our uniform.
41. Vacations...are not allowed during the season.
42. After Games and Practices…Positive comment sessions will take place.
43. The 3 STRIKE RULE is in effect. At any time you are on the ineligibility list
for 3 times you must turn your equipment in. The importance of Grades can
not be stressed more than this. Your value to the team is only secondary to
your work at school. Also your responsibility to your team to be eligible and
available to play is important too. If we can not depend on you and your
school work is not up to standards…school must come first.

At ant time you or your parent wish to talk to me, my office is always open.

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Date : ____________

I understand the above rules and will fully follow these rules and expectations. I also understand the 3 STRIKE RULE. I have discussed and presented these rules and expectations to my Parents and they are aware of the consequences for failure to follow these. (Especially the 3 STRIKE RULE)

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