Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Season Coaches Meeting and Expectation List (High School)

Preseason Coaches Meeting

I expect all my coaches to...

1. Show enthusiasm towards coaching.
2. Use no player put downs. Positive corrections only!
3. Wear proper coaching clothes for practices. Not Jeans.
4. Display no unprofessional behaviors.
Improper actions and body gestures
5. Attend one coaches clinic each year.
6. Attend booster meetings when possible. First Tuesday of each
7. Attend and help with fundraisers.
8. Continue professional growth in the area of coaching magazines, books, and videos.
9. Take responsibility to improve one physical structure of the baseball program.
10. Take full responsibility and proper care of your team uniforms (collecting), equipment, and stats.
11. Turn in an evaluation form for each player at the end of each year.
12. Turn in a completed team stats for each year.
13. Turn in a completed form after cuts that, address, phone, parent’s names, e-mail addresses, position, weight, height, throws, and bats.
14. Run the plays the Varsity coach requests. (Ex: 1st and 3rd situation)
15. Attend Pre-season weights and open gym workouts when possible.
16. Attend fieldwork days.
17. Report all major discipline problems to the Varsity Head Coach first before action is taken.
18. Report all parent problems to the Head Coach
19. Report all game scores to the Head Coach as soon as possible. No later than the next morning.
20. Attend one summer game a week.
21. Use the same drills the Varsity Coaches use.
Different drills must be approved.
22. Must take care of field...Raking, Dragging, Sweeping, etc. as directed by Head Coach.
23. During season...Find and keep in touch with Head Coach during the school day for game situations and Practice situations.
24. Notify Head Coach of all rainouts or suspended games.
25. Turn in a written practice schedule once a week.
26. Follow coach’s MUST list.

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