Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Head High School Baseball Coaches Job Description

Head Baseball Coaches Job Description

1. Ride the bus to and from the games and supervise players’ behavior.
2. Oversee entire coaching staff.
3. Make “Major” discipline decisions on “All” levels.
4. Set up a list of “Baseball Musts” designed for his way of coaching and for other coaches on the staff to use as reference.
5. Order equipment for program.
6. Develop improvement plans for facilities.
7. Determine who will coach on his staff.
8. Do summer baseball program.
9. Develop off-season programs…Conditioning & Weights.
10. Develop & maintain a Booster club.
11. Attend Booster club meetings.
12. Promote at least one charitable organizations cause once a year. (Funds for…student with cancer, Giving tree, lions club, heritage fest)
13. Be a Laison to the community for baseball teams.
14. Run clinics for local youth.
15. Help take care of baseball fields.
Cut grass, trim base paths, put in clay bricks,
Paint, clean up, drag field, cover areas, Line fields, rake leaves, buy dirt, buy crushed rock, keep fences up to standards, sod areas as needed, seed areas as needed, etc.
16. Promote academics…check grades each quarter/semester… all year long.
17. Inventorying all equipment.
18. Promote other sports with kids in our season and out.
Encourage them to do other activities besides baseball.
19. Promote and help athletes go to college and play whenever possible.
20. Communicate with umpires/opponent on home game rainouts. (Summer)
21. Attend as many clinics as possible to further your knowledge of the game.
22. Attend the IHSBCA monthly meetings when possible and become an involved
member to help promote Illinois High School baseball and your school.
23. Send your school preview books to all interested colleges.
24. Attend National Convention.
25. Control of players and coaches during games.
26. Promote your school with pride and dignity at all times.
27. Communicate as much as possible with the Athletic Director and Coaches.
28. Keep statistics on the Varsity level for school records.
29. Keep constant communication with local papers during the season.
30. Write work orders for field work and follow up on it.
30. Promote the game! Make it Fun!

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katiann44 said...

Coach, what do you think about a woman coaching a high school boys baseball team?