Friday, November 14, 2008

Hitting Fundamentals and Tips

Hitting Fundamentals and Tips…
Bat Selection…

Size and weight are a factor…But control of the Bat is a must. Selecting a bat needs the individual to be
checked up for strength, size, and ability.

Stance… (How you stand as the pitcher gets ready to deliver)
There is really no right way to set up, but all successful hitters have the following things in common.

1. Line up with your knocking knuckles in line with each other and wrists flexed slightly
(Point the index fingers…they can’t cross each other to check for proper alignment)
2. Weight and Head Balanced between feet (50/50)
3. Legs are flexed slightly and knees must be inside the ankles…weight on the inside of the balls of your feet.
4. Keep your upper body loose and ready instead of tight and coiled. Some type of movement is recommended.
5. Feet pointed straight ahead towards the other batters box.
6. Head slightly in front of the knees and straight up…no tilt.

The Stride… (The load/The Stride & Separation/ The walk away from the Bat…
All deal with position of the bat)

1. Linear motion creates MOMENTUM…you must go back before you go forward.
2. Head walks away from your hands
3. Keep the bat in THE SLOT – behind the helmet with the hands below the bat head and the knob towards the catcher’s feet.
4. Step towards ball, widening stance somewhat and creating linear momentum.
5. Weight on inside balls of the feet.
6. Hands do not go past the back arms elbow.
7. Head moves forward until front stride foot lands.
8. Hands are farther away from the head than when in Stance.

Hip Rotation… (Start of swing)

1. Front arm loose, front elbow pointed down and flexed.
2. Bat remains in slot.
3. Wrist stays cocked and back.
4. Wide base
5. Head and eyes stay on the ball
6. Back side or hips turn into ball path
7. Bat knob starts towards the ball paths location.

Power Position to contact… (Hands and body start to unwind towards the ball)

1. Lower body and hips start the swing Back knee turns forward as the hip turns…don’t drop back shoulder, this creates an upper cut
2. The upper body holds back, creating resistance…like a spring waiting to let go.
3. Keep bat in the slot as long as you can. Short to the ball and long through it.
4. Both arms are bent at contact…hands stay inside the ball.
5. Back side hip turns and straightens out the front leg

Follow Through…

1. Watch the ball
2. The bat follows the path of the ball. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you are powering the ball forward, the same amount of force will push you backwards.
3. Let the bat lead your body into a natural follow through
4. This is where the hands turn – after contact… not before or during
5. Releasing the bat after contact is up to the individual hitter.
6. Try to have the bat pick up speed during and after contact with the ball.

Focus of the eyes…

Start on the eyes, hat or nose of the pitcher and then move to the area of the ball release slot. Both eyes
level to the ground.

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