Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daily Pitching Drills

Baseball Quick Drills for Pitchers

1. Balance Point Up & Down… Control point work…. No throw
2. Turn to Balance Point From Stretch & Wind Up... No throw
3. Balance Point To Stride and Back Up… No throw
4. Towel Drill …5 steps For Extension
5. Clap Drill…5 steps For release
6. Dart Toss… Change Finger position
7. Two knees… Upper body work
8. One Knee Up / One Knee Down… Glove knee up… Follow Through
9. One Knee Up/ One Knee Down kick up with back foot…Stand Up
10. Ten Toes…
11. Straddle Throw… Exaggerate Upper Body movement
12. Elbow Over/Stride Throw (Side ways) No Step… Hips first/Arm Position
13.. Step to Stride with Leg Lift… Separate Hands/Leg Lift
14. Crossed over Leg drill Throw
15.QB Drop back throw…
16. Complete Pitch… No Stopping Throw
17. Practice pitch to each Other… Different Speeds, Locations, Spins
18. Vary Stretch Moves… As if a runner on base
19. Pickoffs…1st-2nd-3rd
20. Pitchouts
21. Rewind Pitch…Awareness No throw
22. Blind Pitching…with and without the ball Advanced with coach watching

Team drills…
23. Covering Home
24. Comebackers… throwing to 1st, 2nd, 3rd?
25. Bunt Coverage
26. 1st & 3rd Coverage
27. Backing Up the Bases
28. Pop Ups
29. Bull Pen Work
30. Covering 1st
31. Days Off for Recovery… What to you do?

Keep the Head, Shoulders, and Torso headed to Home Plate….
See how Easy you can throw Hard!
Use your Torso really hard, so you can use your Arm easy!
Everything must be parallel and perpendicular!

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