Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Outfield Rules

Outfield Rules…

1. Never miss a Cut-off Man. This is your main objective…

2. Always keep the double play in order, when possible.

3. The Centerfielder – communicates between each situation the number of outs and where to throw the ball on a fly ball, grounder (base hit), and extra base hit. He must be a leader…

4. Pitcher ahead in count, play hitter to hit to opposite field. (Take 2 steps to that side) Pitcher behind in the count, play hitter to pull. (Take 2 steps to that side) Full count, play it straight. 3rd or 4th Hitter play them to pull.

5. Ball hit directly at you (or slightly to your side) with a runner on throw to the lead base.

6. Ball hit more than three steps to your side you throw to stop the hitter from reaching second base. You keep the double play in order.

7. Ball hit to you where you turn your back on the infielders, hit the cut-off man.

8. Line drive hit directly at you, open to your glove side.

9. Do or Die plays…Must be planned before it’s hit.

10. React to different pitchers and their abilities for field positioning.
Check coaches for help.
Fly Ball Principles
· Never "back peddle" to catch a ball that is hit over your shoulder. Always use the drop step and run!
· Once the fly ball is descending the ball must be called by one of the defensive players.
· On balls that are hit softly between the outfield and infield, the outfield has priority. Therefore the infielder should go after the ball and try to make the catch until the outfielder calls the infielder off. This method will avoid the ugly collision between the outfield and infield.
· The outfielder always has priority over the infielder on fly balls.

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