Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fundamentals and Tips on Pitching...White Sox Way


Coach Phil Fox

Talent is what happens, when Hard Work and Preparation is used in practice…

Pitching Steps and Technique

Steps to better mechanics on the mound…

Tension free
½ of the foot over front edge of rubber
Ankle… slightly turned
Short drop step back, this helps you Pivot the foot
When you complete the turn your foot will drop into slot in
front of the rubber This is the start of your leg lift
Your leg lifts up to at least waist high (some coaches call this the
Balance position)
Straight up and down posture
Back leg has slightly bend
Hands stay together
Head and eyes on target
Front Leg heads straight to the catcher’s glove
Hands separate when the front leg goes forward or down
Hands separate when the knee goes forward or down
The hands separate and go in opposite directions; Back arm
(Throwing arm) must go in a circular motion behind
your back side. Usually said “Thumb to thigh , ball to sky”
When you stride forward and your front foot lands, the
throwing arm with the ball in it should be facing the
centerfielder and the back of your hand towards you.
Glove opening should be facing backwards…1/4 turn glove
The front arm should be a duplicate of the back arm
angle. Elbows straight, from end to end. Angle of
elbows the same, with the front arm towards the side
or down a little. (Not straight up like the back arm)
Land foot closed slightly
The back side should start the arm around to throw.
Hip, knee, and ankle are connected and work as one
The hips drive off the rubber and turn to home plate.
Arm must be even or above the shoulder during the throw
Glove and Nose stay towards the catcher

The fingers are the last thing to leave the ball
The front side is over the front leg
Shoulders stay square at release
Chest to glove
Think of putting the ball into the catcher’s glove
Nose to catcher’s glove until ball is caught
Arm continues to outside glove of leg
Back foot, heel to sky
Bend at waist
Finish in ready position
Glove up as long as possible

Drills for Pitchers
Baseball Quick Drills for Pitchers

1. Balance Point Up & Down… Control point work…. No throw
2. Turn to Balance Point From Stretch & Wind Up... No throw
3. Balance Point To Stride and Back Up… No throw
4. Towel Drill …5 steps For Extension
5. Clap Drill…5 steps For release
6. Dart Toss… Change Finger position
7. Two knees… Upper body work
8. One Knee Up / One Knee Down… Glove knee up… Follow Through
9. One Knee Up/ One Knee Down kick up with back foot…Stand Up
10. Ten Toes…
11. Straddle Throw… Exaggerate Upper Body movement
12. Elbow Over/Stride Throw (Side ways) No Step… Hips first/Arm Position
13. one, two three drill Stop at each step
14. Step to Stride with Leg Lift… Separate Hands/Leg Lift
15. Crossed over Leg drill Throw
16.QB Drop back throw…
17. Back Step Hip movement only
18. Bounce Pitch Bounce 3 times a finish of throw
19. Complete Pitch… No Stopping Throw
20. Practice pitch to each Other… Different Speeds, Locations, Spins
21. Vary Stretch Moves… As if a runner on base
22. Pickoffs…1st-2nd-3rd
23. Pitchouts
24. Rewind Pitch…Awareness No throw
25. Blind Pitching…with and without the ball Advanced with coach watching

Team Drills…
26. Covering Home
27. Comebackers… throwing to 1st, 2nd, 3rd?
28. Bunt Coverage
29. 1st & 3rd Coverage
30. Backing Up the Bases
31. Pop Ups
32. Bull Pen Work
33. Covering 1st
34. Days Off for Recovery… What to you do?

Keep the Head, Shoulders, and Torso headed to Home Plate….
See how Easy you can throw Hard!
Use your Torso really hard, so you can use your Arm really easy!
Everything must be parallel and perpendicular!

Drills…mechanics and arm action
Work backwards…

Extra Comments and Drills…

One leg throw...balance, stride, and finish
Stop at each position 1, 2, 3
Movement with body, glove, hands
Head level

Stride drill
Feet wide…start ball in glove out front
Separate hands, down back and up, extension out front
Backside roll foot over ..ensure full hip explosion
Chest over knee when finish
Back elbow explodes through
Extension out front

Balance position/stop
Stop slightly at balance point
Leg kick up throw and follow-through
Knee and glove work together
Hands break with knee ,,,knee up hands up…down separation
Get hips open if can

Bounce on finish
Balance throw...bounce three times soft front leg
For bad follow-through
Knee to sky

Junior size football toss
Over loading
Good stretch
Gets elbow up
Throw like a baseball

Curve ball work
Stride or balance position
Throw and one hop to partner
Pull down on it
½ way between him and partner

Curve ball drill
play at 70’ 80’ different distances
have the catcher outside…aim at plate and really extend to get to catcher
line up to plate

Change Up drill
Shuffle shuffle…long toss good arm action and speed
Aggressive pitch...attack zone
Change up grip…fast ball attitude

Change Up Drop
Drop it on the plate
Use strings on poles…get it below the strings

Working down, out, in
Strings move to work areas

3 Goals…not strikeouts
1. 1st pitch strike…75%
2. 65% overall strikes
3. 1 walk every 3 innings…most important

Fence Drill
If arm circle behind is too far back behind back.
Play catch as you are against a wall

The Way to Think…

Balance, Stride, & Explode

Extra Comments….

Lead with foot…drive down where you want it to be
Kick out
Weight inside… balls of foot
When spikes drag the dirt they open up
Use your glove to hold your left side up
Back side push front side open
Back elbow starts to lead
Extension out front
Extend and follow-through

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