Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 reasons why baseball is the best spring sport

Top 10 reasons why baseball is the best spring sport…

10. There are no limitations of where you have to stand.
9. We will play at least 4 games a week.
8. No funny t-shirts or shorts to wear.
7. Perfect sport to complement and improve all hand- eye coordination sports including Basketball, Football and Volleyball.
6. Girls love to watch guys in uniform and tight pants.
5. Games are not governed by who reaches a score first or a time limit.
4. You wear a cup because you are a MAN.
3. A homerun doesn’t happen very often because it is the hardest thing to do in ANY sport.
2. It is OK to only play one game and not best out of three to win.
1. It is America’s one and only real past time game.

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