Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baseball Team Warm-up Procedure

Baseball Warm Up Procedures
· Jog
· Stretch
· Throwing/Catching…Is the most important part of our defense
1. We always need to move our feet.
2. We always need to get our throwing hand in the ready position.
3. We always need to throw to a target.
1. Dart Toss (20’)
Elbow out/Flick of the wrist/Finger tips last part on the ball/Support the throwing arm with the glove
2. One Knee (30’)
Glove knee up/Follow through over knee/Turn at waist
3. Ten Toes (30’)
Facing straight at your partner/Turn & Throw/Don’t move feet
4. Side Ways (45’)
Arm back and above shoulder line/Elbows match/back of hand towards you/Don’t move feet
5. Side Ways (45’)
Hand motion doing figure 8/Throwing rhythm/Move feet
6. Walking Figure 8 (75’)
Walk towards your partner and throw using the figure 8 motion
7. Step in Front (75’)
Throwing pivot foot steps in front as your going to throw
8. Step Behind (75’)
Throwing pivot foot steps behind as your going to throw
9. Catch and Throw (90’)
Using your whole body and legs moving to the ball and throwing with your legs too.
10. Long Toss (Progression…120’-250’)
You must use your whole body/The ball projectory should not be a looping throw…Line drive throws are the best for developing arm strength…the best ball is when the ball bounces in to your partner rather then up in the air to high from a long distance.
11. Quick Toss (30’)
Catching and throwing as fast as you can to your partner by moving your feet to the correct position and not over throwing the ball/You must be accurate and quick with your whole body.

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