Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I believe should be a players dream.

I was talking to a player's father the other day and a simple thought came into my mind...Does a player think he can play at the next level? and should he?

My whole concept was as a coach what did I want him to think he could do? My one thought seemed really simple. If the player thought he could continue to play at the next level he would continue to improve and work hard. This would be great for any team he was on. If not, he wouldn't work as hard and would not improve as much and this would be bad for any team he was on. Was this right? I firmly beleive that the player's ATTITUDE means alot. For a player to want to work as hard as possible to get better, he must beleive in something...My thought, was he must believe in himself!

I beleive that as a coach and as a parent you must want to keep the dream alive for your son until something stops it. I have told players that the only thing that really stops your dream from coming true is the player himself. If he continues to believe in himself, it serves two purposes: 1) He will have confidence in what he's doing and 2) He will feel like he's got a reachable goal in his future.

What does that mean? You will be a pro. No, that's not what I mean. You as a player will learn to work hard and strive for bigger and better things for yourself. Doing this keeps the dream worth while. Believing in things that may never come true does not hurt you as much as not believing at all.

I lived and had the same dreams and now I only wish I was still dreaming. Keep your dreams alive as long as you can...You never know, you might wake up one day and it may come true.

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