Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Most Common Pitfalls of High School Players

The Most Common Pitfalls
High School Players Experience

Every parent of a high school player should read this article ... then every player should read it. Even if it does not apply to you or your player. Each of us knows someone that should read this. Maybe this will help get the message through to one player.

The Big Three
No sense of urgency that time is slipping by
Inability to listen to Coaches and Teachers
The way I dress and act is just "my style" and if they want me, they know where to find me, then I will change

Overestimating your own ability level
Poor personal grooming habits & social skills
Believing that attitude has very little to do with your appeal to a college coach
My poor work habits will improve when I get around a college coach
Very small perspective on baseball abilities of others around the nation
No sense of urgency to get serious about the work needed to move on
Being influenced by the wrong type of self-destructive people
Believing that sportsmanship is not important
Appearing lazy or lethargic
Thinking "I'll turn it up when I need to
Frequent trips outside the dugout to talk to dad, girlfriend or buddies

Things that do not go unnoticed

Long Hair & Facial Hair
Earrings & Tattoos
Poor fitting uniform
Being unprepared to play
Being late for a game
Being rude or obnoxious
Tantrums, swearing, helmet or bat throwing
Arguing with Umpires
Frequent trips out of the dugout
Hanging out with sketchy characters
Always having an excuse
Immature behavior
Sloppy non-athletic appearance
Inability to communicate
Walking on and off the field

Clean, well kept appearance
Wearing the uniform correctly
Hustle and Enthusiasm
Backing up bases
Not missing signals
Encouraging teammates
Arriving early to game
Helping clean up gear after the game
Calming influence
Hanging around quality people
Taking responsibility
Displaying good character
A tremendous smile
Athletic appearance
Good speaking abilities
Working hard in the classroom
Addressing adults with respect (yes sir and yes m'am, etc)

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