Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Batting Order

Batting Order Possibilities…
• Try to mix-up right and left-handed hitters. This keeps the pitcher from getting into a rhythm - throwing to the same side of the plate to several hitters in a row.

• Mix your speed players in between your slow players. This will keep you from ending up with all slow runners on the bases at one time. (Just don't stick your slowest player in the 8 slot before your two fastest 'lead-off' hitters. In fact, try to follow your slowest baserunner with a good contact hitter to give him a better chance of advancing.)

• Place a left-handed hitter behind a base stealer. This blocks the catcher's vision of the runner and creates a hole when the first baseman holds the runners on.
• Line Up depends on DH and who’s pitching. Try to get hitters comfortable with their position in the line up.

1. Leadoff Hitter Good speed
Good eye
Good base runner
2. Second Hitter Unselfish
Good contact hitter
Good bunter
Good eye
Left handed hitter, if possible
3. Best Hitter Left handed hitter, if possible
High average
Good speed
Makes good contact
Power is a plus
4. Power Hitter Good power
Good pitch selection
Extra base hits
5. Power Much like attributes for Power Hitter
Drive in runs
Average not as high as #3 or #4
6. Contact Hitter Put the ball in play
Doesn't strike out much
Good speed
Base stealer
7. Contact Hitter Much like Second Hitter attributes
Not as good a hitter
8. Power Poor contact
Some power
Not a high average hitter
9. Leadoff Second lead off man
Good eye
Base stealer
Very important to get to top of order

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