Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attitude and Points of Emphasis

Attitude and Points of Emphasis

Winning -
We've been here before; Win or Lose; Tough Situation or Not, Last Out or First, We must be the same.

Respect -
For Teachers, Team Mates, Umpires, Our School, The other Team, Other Sports, Other Coaches, Fans, Your Parents, and Your Coaches.
1. Yes Sir, No Sir
2. Great Game, Great Plays, Great Hits, etc.
3. Don't talk to the other coaches, the other players, or the umps unless it's friendly and complimentary
4. When a coach tells you something…do it no questions asked.

Only if and when you have trust for the coaches and players around you can we be at our best.

We will dress like a winner…complete uniform, properly worn at all times, hat forward, sleeves, and coats if cold
We play like we practice-
We play hard and hustle in both practice and games…it's the only way

No glory as and individual is as rewarding as glory as a team. Emphasis should be on everyone doing the right thing for the team's welfare…not the individuals.
Discipline precedes team success. We do not put individuals above and before the team.

1st emphasis is on the team
2nd emphasis is on the individuals
3rd emphasis is on winning

Baseball doesn't build character; it reveals it…
What's yours Character like?
Character is how you act when no one else is around.

We do not play the best ; we play the 9 best…
Skills are not the only thing that makes a winning team…
Players' desire, effort, heart and will to want to win help teams win; not just on the field but in life too.

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