Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coach Fox's Philosophy

Coach Fox's Philosophy


My School Is First…
Grades and proper class behavior
Respect for the school
Respect for the Teachers and Staff
Proper Behavior in and out of school
Follow the athletic Code
Pride in the Athletic program and it's Traditions
Be in school every day
Represent the school to the highest degree
Take care of your equipment

My Teammates are Second…
Team Play before individual play
Respect for others and their personal items
Team Pride before individual pride
Team friendships
Team Accomplishments
Runs are team success, not individual
Helping another teammate whenever possible

I Am Third…
Records are secondary
Individual Accomplishments and success comes from team success
Individual pride is based on team pride
Individual recognition is based on team recognition
Wins are team Wins, not Individual
Taking Criticism, It will only make me better

I Am Third…

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