Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Strive for Excellence!

Strive For Excellence!

Achieving Excellence is not Easy…

Team Mission Statement… “Excellence Both Off and On the field”

“Excel” comes from the Latin word for “Rise Up”

Excellence is…the continuous, relentless, never ending commitment
To improve…

Excellence is the gradual result of always trying to get better.

Excellence is getting to the field earlier…
Training Harder
Practicing Longer
Working Smarter
& Preparing more than others can expect to.

To achieve Excellence you got to believe…

Excellence means making a special effort & doing more than what is asked. Expecting more of oneself.

Defining Characteristics of Excellence…
It’s an all the time thing.
You can’t do it right some of the time.
A near miss isn’t almost right, it’s wrong.

Excellence and Winning is a habit so is losing and Mediocrity.
Like all habits they affect our lives.

Excellence in a player isn’t 20 % better in one area…
It’s 1 % in 20 different areas.

“Good Enough Never Is”

“Think…Excellence Both Off and On the Field”

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